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School Council 2016-2017

School Council 2016-2017 1
Here we are at our first meeting. We are really looking forward to putting our ideas into practice. We are passionate about improving our school community for everyone!

Year 6 School Council

Year 6 School Council 1
Year 6 School Council 2

Year 5 School Council

Year 5 School Council 1
Year 5 School Council 2

Year 4 School Council

Year 4 School Council 1
Year 4 School Council 2

Year 3 School Council

Year 3 School Council 1
Year 3 School Council 2

Year 2 School Council

Year 2 School Council 1
Year 2 School Council 2

Year 1 School Council

Year 1 School Council 1
Year 1 School Council 2

Writing down our ideas!

Writing down our ideas! 1

One of the previous School Council's decided upon our School House Names!


House Names:


Phoenix - Red


Dragons - Green


Pegasus - Yellow


Griffin - Blue

Everyone has a different role within the school Council:


Chair: Mabel

Co-Chair: Jack

Secretary: Miles

Parent Liaison : Dennis, Nia, Molly and Deputy Head Pupils

Venue Managers: Poppy, Rhys, Harry and Head Pupils

Administration: Phoebe

Governor Liaison : Head Pupils

Publicity/ Poster Committee: Bailey and Lydia


We are very good at listening and taking it in turns to share our ideas! We are working on our ability to meet deadlines! We welcome our Head and Deputy Head Pupils to our meetings, along with members of staff, Governors and other invited visitors!



We have set up a Suggestions Box, this can be found in the Library. Do share your ideas for how to make our school an even better place to be!


So far this year we have consulted with staff and children in all classes and voted for our whole school values. They demonstrate the values which we feel are the most important to have, in order to support our learning community.

Picture 1

Children in Need !!


We have organised a dress-up day for the first day back to raise money for a playground bin - please remember your donation!


We have organised lots of fun activities and competitions to raise money for this year's Children in Need!

Our Fund Raising Ideas!

Our Fund Raising Ideas! 1

Last year we invited Mrs Stannard along to one of our meetings to give us an update on the progress of the School Library Project. We were amazed at how much work she had done! It was very interesting learning about where all the different things had come from (bean bags, seating, shelving). She showed us some pictures and then gave us some ideas for what we could do to furnish the Library with new books.


Developing the School Library

Developing the School Library  1
Developing the School Library  2
Developing the School Library  3
A huge thank you to Kate  for organising the development of our School Library from start to finish. It has been fantastic for the School Council to get involved over the past 18 months. The latest news is that we will be entering a competition for a School Library Award!

Spoo-gical Dressing up Day

Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 1
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 2
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 3
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 4
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 5
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 6
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 7
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 8
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 9
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 10
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 11
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 12
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 13
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 14
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 15
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 16
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 17
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 18
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 19
Spoo-gical Dressing up Day 20

 Thank you so much for supporting this day. We raised £87 towards a new playground bin. Watch this space!

Children in Need 2016

Children in Need 2016 1 Guess how many spots on the giant cake!
Children in Need 2016 2 The Great Pudsey Bake Off entries!
Children in Need 2016 3 Here are the contestants!
Children in Need 2016 4
Children in Need 2016 5
Children in Need 2016 6
Children in Need 2016 7
Children in Need 2016 8
Children in Need 2016 9
Children in Need 2016 10 Judging was very difficult!
Children in Need 2016 11
Children in Need 2016 12 They were all sooooo good!
Children in Need 2016 13
Children in Need 2016 14 Annual Chopstick Challenge!
Children in Need 2016 15 Even Mr Phillips had a go!
Children in Need 2016 16 The School Council led the assembly!
Children in Need 2016 17
Children in Need 2016 18 Congratulations to our bakers!
Children in Need 2016 19 Chopstick Challenge winners!
Children in Need 2016 20 Great estimating of spots on the cake!
Children in Need 2016 21 A piece of the giant cake for everyone!
Children in Need 2016 22 Setting up for the cake sale...
Children in Need 2016 23 Here come the customers!
Children in Need 2016 24 Mrs Saxby cuts the winning cake!
Children in Need 2016 25

Playground Bin Fund Raiser, 2017!

                                                                                       Playground Bin Fund Raiser, 2017! 1

Comic Relief- Friday 24th March 2017.


School Council have lots of wonderful ideas for comic relief. We sat down as a group and shared our ideas one at a time. We have decided on: 


  • A whole school joke competition to 'Make our laugh matter'
  • A sponsored 'Comedy Assault Course' to raise money to give to Comic Relief
  • A whole school dress up day, ' so that we can all all be 'Superheros' and have fun raising money for Comic Relief !


We hope that we all have an amazing day filled with laughter and smiles. 


Attached below is the Comic Relief letter and the 'Comedy Assault Course' sponsorship form.