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Arts Mark

The team at Lydeard St Lawrence are passionate about developing our school into an environment with creativity, inclusivity and holistic learning at its core. This year we are excited to be embarking on a creative, cultural journey to gain the Artsmark award. This work will support us in developing our curriculum and the learning experiences available for the children within our setting.


At present, we are embedding the arts within our curriculum to ensure that all children experience a range of cultural, creative and artistic experiences. This will develop core personal skills and values in our pupils, whilst enriching and ‘joining the dots’ to support learning across the curriculum.


Artsmark is a programme designed to support teachers in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum bringing arts, culture and creativity into all core and foundation subjects.


We kicked this journey off in the autumn term with a whole school enrichment day to ContainsArt in Watchet and a visit from a local artist, Jon England


Contains Art Trip

Artist in Residence 


Throughout the year we will be working with our artist in residence Jon England on a school wide arts project. The project will focus on our school’s natural environment and the changing of the seasons. Jon is working with an environmental biologist to plan these sessions to form cross curricular links into the science curriculum and beyond.


Jon spent a day with us in the Autumn term. Jon talked to the whole school about his work in the local area and how he uses natural materials to inform and create his works of art.


Snowy Owls did a workshop with Jon. Their project in a  day looked at the trees and seeds in our school. They learnt about seed dispersal and designed their own spinning seed pod. A photographic studio was built in the hub and they all worked with Jon using a super slow motion camera to catch the motion of their seed pods as they spun and fell. Here are some of the incredible results ...