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Early Reading - Phonics

Early Reading and Phonics



“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl


At Lydeard St Lawrence School, we work hard to ensure that our children have the essential knowledge, understanding and passion needed to become lifelong readers. As a school we do everything that we can to support them on their reading journey. The teaching of early reading skills through synthetic phonics is the foundation of this learning. 


Phonics teaches children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. Phonics involves matching the sounds of spoken English with individual letters or groups of letters.


At Lydeard St Lawrence we strive to teach children to read effectively and quickly using the Read Write Inc (RWInc) phonics programme. This programme teaches synthetic phonics, sight vocabulary, encoding and decoding words as well as accurate letter formation. 


Please click on the link below which will take you to our RWInc parent's support area. Here you will find more detailed information on RWInc and ways you can help your child to succeed in early reading. 

Reading books

In EYFS and Key Stage 1, Children will be provided a carefully matched phonics book as well as a self-chosen reading book. Children are expected to read their phonics book at home at least twice, once for word fluency and once for comprehension.