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Welcome to the Governors' page. 


Please find below some information about who our school governors are and what they do.  I hope you find the information useful.

Andy Phillips, Chair of the Governing Body. 


The purpose of our governing body is to:

  • help the school set high standards of education for all pupils of all abilities by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement

  • regularly monitor and hold staff to account for school improvement

  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support, advice and challenge

  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and its wider community

  • make sue the school accountable to the public for what it does

  • work with staff to plan and develop policies and regularly review the impact on teaching and learning

  • in partnership with the Headteacher and staff fulfill its responsibilities for strategic oversight

  • not to intervene in the day-to-day management of the school, unless serious weaknesses are identified in the school, when it then has a duty to take action.


How do governors carry out their responsibilities?

We have a three-year strategic development plan for the school.  Each year the governing body and the Headteacher review the targets set for school performance and improvement.  We monitor progress against these targets throughout the year.  Governors meet all together once each half term.  We also set up smaller working groups as required to focus on particular issues, and these have specific roles and responsibilities. The Provision, Progress & Wellbeing and Finance Committees provide a focus on these areas of the school's work and resources. 


The Governing Body is kept informed of progress in school by termly reports from the Headteacher and presentations by subject leaders at our meetings.  We have a programme of Learning Walks that enable governors to visit the school and monitor how well strategies for improving the school are being implemented.  The Chair of Governors is in weekly contact with the Headteacher to be kept up to date with all relevant developments.


The Governing Body consists of up to ten Governors and further Associate Members. There are five categories of governors: the Headteacher, elected staff governor, elected parent governors, local authority governor and co-opted (formerly called community) governors.  A governor’s term of office is four years.  Parent governors are appointed via an election process.  All parents are informed when a parent governor vacancy arises and when the election process will take place. Associate Members are appointed by the Governing Body in order to bring particular expertise or experience to the School.


Who are the governors?

Chair/Co-opted Governor                   Mr Andy Phillips. Elected 14 06 2018 to 13 06 2022

Vice Chair/ LA Governor                    Mr John Wattam. Elected 12 10 2017 to 11 10 2021


Co-opted Governor                             John Blackmore. Elected 08 05 2019 to 07 05 2023

Elected Parent Governor                    Mrs Kate Campbell. Elected 01 04 2018 to 31 03 2022. Chair, Provision, Progress & Wellbeing       

Headteacher                                       Mrs Leah Challis. Appointed 01 01 2019.

Co-opted Governor                             Mrs Anna Cox. Elected 01 02 2017 to 31 01 2021

Elected Staff Governor                       Miss Emily Oaten.  Elected 09 03 2020 to 08 03 2024

Co-opted Governor                             Brendan Slade Elected 08 05 2019 to 07 05 2023

Co-opted Governor                             Mrs Cat Smith. Elected 13 09 2018 to 12 09 2022

Elected Parent Governor                    Mrs Tracy Smith. Elected 13 01 2017 to 12 01 2021. Chair, Finance Cttee

Associate Member                              Jenny Williams Elected 15 07 2020 to 14 07 2022


Clerk                                                   Mrs Jane Burden. Appointed 01 09 2019     

We are working with our School Council to produce a mini-profile of each governor.

Parents/carers are welcome to contact governors via the Clerk, who will ensure that their enquiry is passed to the most appropriate governor. Email: clerk@educ.somerset.gov.uk  Please be aware that this email account is not checked daily and there may be a delay in responding.  Alternatively, please contact the Chair of Governors about relevant strategic matters via the school email at: sch.218@educ.somerset.gov.uk





Tracy Smith, Elected parent governor.
Anna Cox, Co-opted governor
John Wattam, Vice Chair, LA governor
Andy Philips, Chair, Co-opted governor
Cat Smith, Co-opted governor
Kate Campbell, Elected parent governor
Leah Challis, Headteacher governor