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This area of our website will support children to continue their learning during periods of school closure.


During short periods of when learning moves online such as the closure of a bubble, each class has a section below with a week's worth of home learning for children to complete. There is a reading, English and Maths task for each day along with some creative and topic based work. We have also included some links to learning based internet sites and apps that your children can access to further support their learning.


This would also be a super chance to do some baking, gardening, active or creative activities together at home. If you are doing anything fun do let us know by ask your child to take photos and send an email to the office sharing what they have been up to. We might even share what you have been up to on the class web page!


In the event that school is closed for more than 1 week, additional work will uploaded on Monday mornings for the next week.  


It is important to keep up with as many 'normal' activities and routines as we can.  If at all possible, children should keep in contact with their friends (with parental guidance) via face time, messaging or phone calls. If possible walks and park visits should still be on the agenda but please ensure social distancing and self-isolation guidance is followed.



In the event of a longer or extended national lockdown home learning will be delivered via Google Classroom. 
For all letters sent to parents and carers regarding home learning, Google Classrooms and updates regarding school provision, please click on the link below.

Home learning gallery or what we have been up to !

E-learning links 

Physical Activity 


Physical activity and regular exercise improve our health, make us feel better and give us more energy. In this time of increasing restrictions on our movement, it is still crucial we are still active.


During this period, Mr Hooper will be sharing weekly PE lessons with you all, via your Google Classroom. 


Being active also releases natural endorphins that make us feel much happy. It also tires the children out and some peace and quiet may ensue (not guaranteed!). 


There are many ways we can keep fit at home with no equipment. For example, YouTube has a plethora of content - obviously, please supervise the children while they are using this platform. These are some of our favourite sites, the children (and you!) can literally just follow them - click, play and workout smiley

Core subjects - Maths, English and Science
Handwriting support 
Foundation subjects - History, Art, DT, Geography, Music and French  

BBC Learning 


A fantastic resource from the BBC. All subjects are covered and there is a range of games, videos, interviews and activities to suit all.


Have an explore ! 

Just for fun 

Some suggestions from Mrs Morin to keep you busy!

Well-being and online safety