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Maths at Lydeard St Lawrence Primary


Mathematics is an essential life skill.  It is an essential element of communication, widely used in society, both in everyday situations and in the world of work.


Our aims and intent in teaching mathematics are:


  • To equip pupils with the mathematics they need to become numerate.
  • To develop their ability to apply mathematical skills with confidence and understanding when solving problems.
  • To enable pupils to express themselves and their ideas using the language of mathematics with assurance.
  • To develop positive attitudes to mathematics, recognising that mathematics can be both useful and enjoyable. 
  • To nurture a fascination and excitement of mathematics
  • To be able to use and apply their skills in other curricular areas.


At Lydeard St Lawrence school, we follow a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. Pupils are taught through a balance of skills-based lessons and 'Mastery level' tasks, designed to encourage the children to discuss and reason about the mathematical activities in which they are engaged, thus broadening their knowledge and deepening their understanding.


In line with all other Primary schools in the Tone Vale Partnership, we use  the ‘White Rose Maths Hub’ (WRMH) to structure our Maths teaching and learning. 


WRMH supports a small steps approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Steps are sequenced in order of difficulty and dependency, focusing on children learning skills and knowledge before giving them the opportunity to apply this learning in more complex ways. This approach includes fluency, reasoning and problem solving at all levels. This approach helps children to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and make connections to help them on their journey towards being resilient mathematicians with a mastery level understanding of the subject.


It is important that children are allowed to explore mathematics and present their findings not only in a written form but also visually; to that end the school has adopted the CPA approach: concrete, pictorial, abstract. We use a range of concrete manipulatives to support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts. This allows the children to experience the physical aspects of mathematics before finding a way to present their findings and understandings in a visual form before relying on the abstract numbers. Our progression of skills in calculation also supports this approach.


Times Tables


The new National Curriculum 2014 set an aspirational target for all children by the end of Year 4 to have instant recall of times table facts up to 12x12. At Lydeard St Lawrence Primary we incorporate the learning of these table facts into our daily lessons. We use the Times Table Olympics scheme to track the progress and attainment of our children from Year 2 onwards.


In Key Stage 2, we have subscribed to an online educational website called Times Table Rockstars. The children will have their own personal login, password and avatar created in school. They will be able to access this at home, as often as they like! The games motivate the children to practice and improve their speed and accuracy, as well as playing against their peers, other classes and the world!


We hope that you will enjoy supporting your child in improving this valuable lifelong skill!

Multiplication Grid



The posters below are displayed in every classroom. There are also mini versions for the children to refer to, should they wish. These clearly outline how we teach each of the four operations.