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We had a fantastic response to our Remote Learning Parent and Pupil Survey in the Spring term. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. 


Thank you for sharing your comments and reflections. We were thrilled that 93 % of our pupils were positive about their remote learning and that there was high confidence amongst parents around where to get support for online learning, wellbeing and e-safety (92% & 98%). 


Feedback from Parents:


'It's all being done really well. There is just the right amount of schoolwork and enough contact from school not to feel isolated or alone. Fab!'


'I am so grateful for all the support and understanding that you have shown us as a family. Thank you'


'I feel it is good that the work is put up online the night before. Then we can have a look at what we need to do and how I can help'


'Good amount of work and variety set each day. '


'Rural broadband can be a challenge, especially when sharing with 2 adults also working from home. Sometimes we have to stop and come back to it later'


Feedback from Pupils:


'It’s not as fun as being next to someone in your class because not only do you want to talk to them, you find learning more fun in class and you also make friends and things related to that and I miss it lots and lots'


'I love having the assembly every week'


'It makes me sad not to see my friends in case they forget me'


'Thank you for all the support/work you have managed to set so far!'


However, we always want to do better and find ways to improve, so extra thanks to parents and pupils for giving us some suggestions on where we could make things better.


Following analysis and feedback to teaching staff and our governing body, the survey resulted the follows actions being taken:


  • Support for children and parents around using Google classroom updated and reissued - Youtube tutorial added. This advice and support was added to top of Google Classroom pages for easy access. 
  • Staff contacted a selection of parents with specific concerns - these centred around access to feedback and marking, communication with teaching staff and expectations of interaction and support.
  • Weekly Wellbeing - non 'screen' day was introduced to support pupil and parents wellbeing
  • 4G router(s) sourced for families with poor access to internet
  • Chrome books lent to families as needed