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“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl


Learning to read is the foundation for all educational success and is an essential life skill.  Not only does reading underpin educational success and therefore enhance future life chances, taking pleasure in reading also has a range of wider benefits to wellbeing and mental health.


Reading for pleasure increases children’s curiosity and wonder, develops their understanding of their own personal and cultural identity, improves empathy and gives insight into the world view of others.


At Lydeard St Lawrence School, we work hard to ensure that our children have the essential knowledge, understanding and passion needed to become lifelong readers. As a school we do everything that we can to support them on their reading journey.


At Lydeard St Lawrence, we teach and encourage reading through whole class guided reading sessions, class read aloud and ‘Drop Every Thing and Read’ sessions. This rounded approach equips children with necessary skills to develop reading fluency and embed higher order comprehension skills whilst developing a love of reading.


Whole-class reading sessions allow all children to be immersed in the same high-quality literature and the discussions that these texts promote.


Please follow the link below to our parent reading area. This area will help you to support your child with their reading.