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Tawny Owls

Welcome to Tawny Owl Class

Tawny Owl Class is for the Year 1 and 2 children. Miss Jolliffe teaches in this class and is supported by Miss Farndell. 


Class Ethos:

We believe that all children have the ability to achieve their aspirations through developing a 'can do' attitude and a growth mind-set through engaging in a stimulating and challenging learning environment.  Our aim within this is for the children to become confident, resilient and self-assured learners who are proud of theirs, and others, achievements.


Within the classroom we have a maths zone, English zone, a reading zone and much, much more.  Each area has a designated working wall to help scaffold the children's learning and to ensure that all learners are challenged to suit their individual needs.


Teaching Structure:

The children follow the same weekly routine. The children arrive at school at 8.30am and have time with their friends in the playground. The teachers will be on the playground to welcome and monitor the children during this time. At 8.45am they will line up with their teachers before heading into class. When they arrive in class they will unpack their belongings, find their seat and begin silent reading or handwriting.  The LSA's will be in class waiting to welcome the children in. 


The school day finishes at 3.15pm, the children will be dismissed from the top playground.


Tawny Owl's class weekly timetable will look like the example timetable below (this is a working document and may be subject to change).


On Thursday Week A, Tawny Owls Class will have an enrichment day, led by Mrs Morin our Field School Leader. The children will have PE with Mr Hooper, Field School with Mrs Morin and their weekly spelling tests, handwriting and library time. On alternate weeks the children will have a normal day in class, with PE sessions taken by Mr Hooper.


This year's learning...

In Tawny Owls bespoke maths, English, reading, science, PE and topic lessons are planned  to meet the needs of all the learners in our class. To support all foundation areas of the curriculum we apply creative learning ideas from Cornerstones. Cornerstones provides a skills based curriculum that supports cross curricular links. Our topics for the term are complemented with timetabled enrichment opportunities. 


·        Autumn 1 and 2 Muck Mess and Mixtures (Key Stage One Nativity)

·        Spring 1 Bright Lights Big City 

·        Spring 2 Wiggle and Crawl 

·        Summer 1 Scented Garden 

·        Summer 2 Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


Each topic, the teacher will create a curriculum map, which shows you what your child will be learning that term, across the subjects. This can be found below.


The National Curriculum

In Tawny Owls all children access the following subject areas:

·        Maths

·        English

·        Science

·     Physical Education

·        Computing

·        History 

·        Geography

·        Art and Design

·        Design and Technology

·        Music

·        PSHE

·        Religious Education


Enrichment opportunities

This year the children will be involved in a range of enrichment opportunities:

During the topic 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures' the children will enjoy an 'Art Week' where they will go on a whole school trip to 'Contains Art' in Watchet. The children will learn about the local artist John England, who made a portrait out of over 20,000 nails. This can be found in Watchet and the children will get chance to see this for themselves. When returning to school the children will get chance to learn more about this local artist. 


During the topic 'Bright Lights, Big City' the children will be going for an exciting day out to 'We The Curious' (previously know as @Bristol) in February. 


During the topic 'Wiggle and Crawl' the children  will be going for an explorative day at the Woodlands centre in March. 


Later this half term, they will get the chance to meet another local artist from Taunton, who draws animal portraits. She will meet the children, share her work and take the children through some of the steps she takes to create her art work. The children will then get chance to create their own pieces of animal art work, using the skills they have learnt.  


During the topic 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' the children will be going to an exciting historic day out to Tiverton Castle to learn about the way that people used to live and the history behind it, in June. 


Further Enrichment

During the Summer term the children will be taught to play a tuned instrument as a class. They will then be putting on a performance in the Summer Good Work Assembly. 

Also in the Summer term the children will be swimming once a week, to develop their water skills. 


More information

In the Autumn term you are invited to attend our curriculum evening where we will explore the above areas and what it will look like for your child. The curriculum evening will also share examples of how we teach the children through the use of 'Bloom's Taxonomy'. Blooms is used across the school and across all of our lessons. The children are used to the format and enjoy all lessons being taught in the same structure. However, if you have any further questions as the year progresses please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Herrod.


Partnership with Parents

We understand that any transition can be exciting and daunting at the same time for parents and children.  This is why we try to do everything we can to make transitions as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.


In the Summer term we have a transition day for the children so they can get to know their new teachers, teaching assistants, classroom environment and routines. 


We offer parent consultations in the Autumn term to inform you about how your child has settled in, and to answer any questions you may have. Ensuring that we work together as a team and do everything possible to support your child to achieve their potential. 


Please feel free to make an appointment with Mrs Herrod at any time, outside of these consultation times. 


Working closely with parents is very important to us at Lydeard St Lawrence Primary School.  In Tawny Owl Class we have many events throughout the year to encourage this.   If at any time you have concerns please catch Mrs Herrod at the end of the school day or make an appointment via Mrs Ellis, the school secretary.


How can I help my child learn?

Hear your child read daily, reminding them to use their sounds for new or unfamiliar words.

Support them learning their weekly Spellings and maths homework. The weekly spellings can be found below, and will be updated every half term (this is a working document and can be subject to change).


Reading books will be changed every other day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This supports the children understanding and ability to comprehend and answer questions about the text. The Maths homework is found online, and supports our maths teaching in class. The homework, alike our teaching format is done through 'White Rose' and supports children to consolidate their learning'. Homework, will be set on a Friday and due to be completed by the following Friday. 


Everyday in school I must have...

·        A water bottle

·        Lunch box (unless I am having cooked lunches) 

·       Book bag 

·       Home School Diary

·       Reading book and home school diary 

·       PE kit 


On a Thursday 8in school I also need to have...

  • Old clothes including waterproof coat and water proof trousers
  • Welllington boots or walking boots


On a Friday in school I also need to have...

  • Homework book with completed weekly spelling practice 


Twitter ...

We now have a whole school Twitter page and you can request to join this to see what your children have been up to. You can find the page by searching: @LSLschool 


If you would like help to access our page, please do come and see any member of staff at the end of the school day. 


Please note that the class teachers and headteacher can grant access to the class Twitter page. To read the school's E-Safety Statement please click on the link below.


Tapestry in Tawny Owl Class ...

Please do keep an eye on Tapestry, as we will update this as regularly as possible with our learning and daily activities. On here you will see what your child has been up to, and can even see assessments based on their learning challenges. 


Example timetable (working document)

Curriculum Map Spring term 1

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