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Physical Education at Lydeard St Lawrence

Lydeard St Lawrence School strives to provide high quality physical education for all. We endeavour to provide all students with the opportunities to succeed and excel in competitive sport and a range of other physically demanding activities. These events encourage children to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness, builds their character and embeds values of fair play, team work and respect for others.

Sports News 


At Lydeard St Lawrence School, we are always seeking ways to increase our physical activity, try new skills and sports and take part in competitions and collaborative sporting events. 


Our sports coach, Mr Hooper, shares our experiences, efforts and triumphs both in school and out through a termly news letter. 



All children in Key Stages 1 and 2 are given the chance to take part in annual swimming tuition. Sessions take place over in the summer term at Quantock Lodge. These sessions focus on children learning to swim at least the required distance of 25 meters as well as developing a range of and improving stoke and lifesaving skills.


In 2018/2019, 100% of our year 6 children reached the required level of swimming proficiency during these sessions. They were able to :

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • perform a safe self-rescue in different water based situations
  • use a range of strokes effectively


In 2019/2020 there was no swimming data for our Year 6 children as we were unable to complete our swimming sessions due to national lockdown. 

Sports Festivals 2021-2022

All sports festivals listed below will be held at Kingsmead School between 10.00-12.00.


  • Snowy Owls, Multi-sport, Thursday 2nd December
  • Snowy Owls, Multi-sport, Thursday 27th January
  • Eagle Owls, Striking and Fielding, Thursday 3rd March
  • Tawny Owls, Multi-skills, Thursday 12th May
  • Tawny Owls, Multi-skills, Thursday 16th June
  • Eagle Owls, Invasion Games, Thursday 14th July


Tawny Owl Multi-skills Festivals:  Focusing on different skills that can be applied to many different sports.     


Eagle Owl Strike & Field Festival: This festival focuses on skills involved in golf, cricket and rounders and gets the pupils to use these new skills in simplified game formats.


Tawny Owl and Snowy Owl Multi-Sports Festival: Aimed at extending the Multi-skills festival to play end zone games in underarm throwing, overarm throwing, rolling and kicking.  The students will practise specific skills and then apply these skills in end zone games.


Eagle Owl Invasion Games: Looking at more advanced skills and putting them in to modified forms of the proper games.

Physical Education Progression of Skills